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Windowless Menu Bar

Started by sapero, September 24, 2008, 05:25:10 PM

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This is a custom menu bar, something like you see on this page under IonicWind logo - Home, Help, Search ...
It is black, has black buttons and basic visual styles. A button can be flat (by default), pushed or hottracked. All here is custom drawn, the background and buttons is just a stretched copy of few bitmap pixels.

The first bitmap column represents menu bar background.
Next three columns - left side of pushed button.
Next one - pushed button background.
Next three - right pushed button side.
Next 4, 1, 4 pixels - next button, hottracked.
All the button offsets are predefined and selected inside CMenuBar::DrawButton, depending on current button state.

Compile as Windows EXE.


Nice one!
Thanks for sharing, Sapero