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IonicWind Snippit Manager 2.xx Released!  Install it on a memory stick and take it with you!  With or without IWBasic!


Started by J B Wood (Zumwalt), August 28, 2006, 05:51:28 PM

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J B Wood (Zumwalt)

This is a 'beta' terrain of mine that I created over the weekend. I was talking to my wife about wanting to create a unique terrain, and I got me a new nifty cheap digital camera. She said why not take a picture of something and use it, so while she was all snuggled up in the bed, I took a picture of the covers, her face, the pillows and wall, only thing showing of her is her chin up, so sorry to the perverts :)

Anyway, I did a greyscale conversion of it, modified the tint etc. and created a height map, then applied it to a 64x64 at 16x16 quadrants type of terrain, this is just a small snapshot of just her face part of the terrain after smoothing and stitching work done. (no she doesn't have a mole on her face, it was a bright spot on her nose)


Well its a "different" way to go about it I guess but hey, if it works, then why not?

Very cool.



Definitly looks like a terrain, I don't see anything in the terrain that reminds me of a human in there at all, so well done!!