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EnhancedLabel Library

Started by h3kt0r, January 03, 2020, 07:13:53 AM

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Found this DLL dowloaded back in 2007 in a folder somewhere on my HD; I think the company went out of business...

QuoteEnhancedLabel is a native Win32 DLL (C++ style DLL) which can transform your boring static label control into different kind of useful professional controls. Visually, it divides you Static Label control into 4 parts: Body, Header, ContentLink and LinkBar. There are about 50+ APIs or Library Functions for you to customize these 4 areas, include their position/size, background color, text color/font, highlight style, border style, etc. These function names normally start with SetBodyXXX(), SetHeaderXXX(), SetContentLinkXXX(), or SetLinkBarXXX(). Using these 4 parts, you can now transform your static label control into GradientBar Label, Single Link or Multiple-Links' LinkBar, Button (with different color/styles), or even a Panel Control.
EnhancedLabel is NOT a new Win32 control, COM component, .NET class or MFC/WTL/ATL control. It only subclasses the static label and transforms the static label into more professional and useful control.
To use this library, just place the static label control on your DialogBox/Window as what you normally do, and call the library APIs. All the APIs are very simple and straight forward, therefore you do not need to spend a lot of time to learn it. Most of the time you spent will be adjusting the color of your new static label control to make your application become more professional!

EnhancedLabel was written in C/C++/Win32. You can use it in your native Win32, MFC, ATL, WTL or other Win32 Platform GUI frameworks, as long you can obtain the native handle (HWND) of the static label control on your DialogBox/Window in your source code.
Take a look at the DEMO application.
Package attached to this post.


Did you ever test the DLL with some IWB code?



January 03, 2020, 09:48:26 AM #2 Last Edit: January 05, 2020, 04:14:27 AM by h3kt0r Reason: added code
Nope. Stumbled upon this zip archive in a rather crowded folder on an old USB hard drive.
Ran the sample program included and thought this library might eventually be of interest to someone here.
There's an include file ("EnhancedLabel.h") provided within, but it just seems "cryptic" to me...

Edit : I've took a look at the source for the demo program and it appears there's a registration key !

L"EnhancedLabel Demo", L"", L"Demo ONLY",
L"003F12534F5F238A3DD0E6E0", lstrlen(L"003F12534F5F238A3DD0E6E0"),
L"D6939D324EE084", lstrlen(L"D6939D324EE084"));