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Hurrican Harvey Recovery

Started by markem, March 17, 2019, 11:37:25 PM

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Hello! Long time no say hello. :-)

Ok - quick history: 2016 - wife decides to move to Arizona. We got divorced. I got the house. Nice? Not really. Then in 2017 some kind of bacteria attacked my right foot and ate the bones in my right foot. So had to have the leg amputated halfway to the knee. Spent two months in the hospital recovering. Got home in time for Hurricane Harvey to hit Houston. Had to put everyting up as far as I could (being in a wheelchair - not really far up). Afterwards I packed everything up. Sold the house, moved to a 1 bedroom apartment. Looked around where I wanted to live, moved to Wichita Falls, Texas. Very dry here. Rains every now and then. I love it. No high humidity anymore. No hurricanes. Flash floods, but some snow every now and then.

So now we come to why I'm posting: Trying to recover everything I lost in Hurricane Harvey. My computer stuff was in storage for over a year. Houston having high summer temperatures meant that the external hard drives I had in storage went sort of cat-er-wonky. I managed to get my e-mails but a lot of software went south. So I finally got to the IonicWind stuff and I logged in to my account to download everything but....

The CBasic software is no longer version 1.0. It is now version 1.15 but on my account - it is still set as version 1.0.  Can this be changed so I can download it again? Thanks! :-)

By the way - I am doing relatively well. I really did not get enough training to walk while at the hospital. But I am now beginning to use the walker to get around. It has been almost two years since I did this so my legs are just killing me at the hips. Those sockets are just not used to walking anymore so it will take a few months to build them up. Still, I am walking all the way from the back wall in my apartment to the front door and back. This is a fairly large apartment. So that is something. I think by the end of April I should be walking pretty well. Then comes the scary part - walking without the walker. I can go one or two steps right now so it is going to be very scary for me to walk without the walker. But I will do it.

Still learning some things like how to lay down on the floor and the get back up. It was a real pain the first couple of times of doing it. Thought I would not be able to get up. But this last time I got down on the floor (I'm building a desktop computer - so I need to plug/unplug various items in or move cables around) I was able to get right back up. So I am improving.

Anyway - just wanted to stop by, say hi, and ask about CBasic. Thanks again! :-)



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Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear about all your trouble. Graham (GSW) has kindly posted Creative Basic version 1.0 with instructions on how to install. Download from here:

Good luck!

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