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Slow startup and shutdown of IWB 2.09

Started by Brian, September 25, 2018, 11:47:53 am

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Just lately I have been experiencing very slow startup and shutdown times of IWB 2.09. Doesn't happen with Larry's 3.05. I have just re-installed the whole program, and the problem is still there. I know I could use 3.05 (and I do at times), but my old brain and fingers have just got used to the 2.09 version

Any ideas on what could be going wrong? All my other programs are OK



Are you running Windows 10 (64 bit) ?

I had some trouble with 32 bits programs running under this OS; most notably, sluggish startups, shutdown
and display problems.
Happens with some C++ programs with 3rd party skinning and special controls libraries (toolbars, menus).
I think it has to do with the "emulation" part of the OS having some difficulties to run some "non-standard"
But i'm no expert...
Or it might come from some invalid registry entry.
Or you could check the "program compatibility mode". Try to set it to "Windows XP (SP2)"...


Thanks for replying. I have been running Win 10 64 bit for some time now, and IWB has always been ok. Only recentlt has it been playing up
Running Larry's IDE (3.03) causes no problem
I could undelete them both, check that there are no registry entries left, and then try a re-install, just to eliminate


I've just launched the 2.09 version of the IDE and it's running fine on my machine (Win10/64bits).

But then, i must add that i've lightened up my system at several levels :

- Disabled a lot of unnecessary services (for me, this includes permanently disabling "windows update").
- Removed ALL "Modern UI" tablet apps.
- Went through the task scheduler and disabled some intensive tasks running regularly in the background.

Having tested several Anti-virus programs, i've removed all of them. The last one i've got reported "nasmw.exe"
as a trojan horse trying to infect my computer. It took me less than 2mn to uninstall this wonderful anti-virus that
would prevent me to compile my programs... BTW, my system is now compiling much faster.


Found it! Looked in the Registry at key "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IonicWind\IWBasic\DEFAULT-Bar0" through to Bar9

Seems to be normal to have some Bar#? keys, but in one of them, there were literally loads of entries. I suppose they should run from Bar#0 to Bar#9. Anyway, I dumped them all out, did a restart, and IWB 2.09 was back to normal speed

The registry obviously got corrupted at some point . . .




That was a good spot.

Just checked out my registry and I have no entry at all for Ionic wind.

I remember a good while ago LarryMc said he was no longer using the registry for IWB.

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