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Understanding the registry - Fixing Notepad screen size

Started by Andy, November 14, 2017, 01:09:24 am

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Notepad has been driving me crazy for a while, when I double click on a text file it opens in notepad - nothing new about that.

But, it isn't full screen and no matter how many times I resized it the next time I open a text file the screen has gone back to it's original size.

Despite trying many suggestions posted on the net about how to fix this (and none of them worked) I decided to do a little digging in the registry.

Notepad has it's settings at this location:


We need to change four entries to fix this and they are:


Now my screen resolution on 1024 x 768

I set:

iWindowPosDX to 1024 (decimal)
iWindowPosDY to 768 (decimal)

Now the other thing I needed to do was to set iWindowPosY to zero (basically it makes notepad open from screen co-ordinates 0,0).

Finally iWindowPosX was set to FFFFFF (6 hex F's).

Now when I open a text file the notepad is full screen.

Footnote:- I amended iWindowPosDX from 1024 to say 1044 as it wasn't quite the full width.

If notepad is driving you up the wall with this same problem then this should fix it for you.

Open regedit.exe and give it a go.

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