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INDEX Items Missing

Started by Logman, September 24, 2015, 03:51:32 PM

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This is trivial, but I notice this because I am constantly cross-referencing various commands and instructions in the User Manual.

I notice that the following compiler instructions are missing from the INDEX (APPENDIX A) in the IWBasic Manual:


These items are discussed in the text, but are not cross-referenced like their brethren commands.

Also, the INDEX shows the command $UNDEFINE, but the text shows $UNDEF. I haven't checked yet to see which one works, but will investigate. I'm thinking these commands should be the same.

Also, in the INDEX, if you double click REM, you are linked to a couple of examples of REM in the code examples, but you are not taken to the section that specifically talks to SOURCE COMMENTS - REM

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I will add it to my todo list.
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