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IWBasic Ver. 3.0 now available

Started by LarryMc, December 20, 2014, 10:51:46 PM

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Ionic Wind Software is pleased to announce the Official release of IWBasic Ver 3.0.

Licensed owners of IWBasic 2.x can download this free upgrade by logging into their Customer account.

New in IWBasic Ver 3.0:
- Configurable Installation:

  • REGISTRY is no longer used.  Allows memory stick installation
  • Option to automatically install Sapero's WindowsSDK include package
  • Option to set pc location of example files
  • Option to set pc location of template files
-New IDE Options:

  • Open last project on startup
  • Open last open files on startup
  • Open all project files when project is opened
  • Open project when a project file is opened
  • Use full path names in recent project/files menu
  • Show last 10/30 recent projects/files in menu
  • Delete exe on compile/link failure
-New Code Editor Options:

  • AutoTip
    When an IWBasic command keyword is entered followed by a '(' a window
    appears displaying the syntax for the command and highlighting the next
    parameter to be entered and identifying its data type.
  • Set AutoTip ForeGround color
  • Set AutoTip BackGround color
  • Set AutoTip HighLite color
  • Display Keywords as typed
  • Display Keywords as upper case
  • Display Keywords as small case

-Updated Find Dialog

  • Replaced Up/Down/Find Next controls with
    Find First/Find Prev/Find Next/Find Last controls
  • Added Help button and popup window with explanation of Regular
    search features.
-Added the ability to directly add the following additional resource types to a project:

  • StringTable
  • Menuex
  • Dialogex
  • Manifest
-Added ability to compile resources without compiling source files
-Global 'ToDo List' main menu option
-Project List Window Added with 3 tabs

  • Files - replaces old File View
  • Subroutines - list all subs in a project regardless of what source file
    they are located in
  • Includes- Include files used in the project (to the 2nd level of nesting only)
-Each Project automatically assigned its own "ToDo List"
-Added 'Close All' option to Windows menu to close all open Code Editor windows.
-Improved Form Editor

  • Select Window, Dialog, MDI Frame form
  • Allow for menu bar spacing
  • Allow for status bar spacing
  • Allow for toolbar spacing
  • Drag and drop 22 different control types
  • Allocate space for custom controls
  • Preview includes minimum menu and status bar
  • Code skeleton includes minimum menu and status bar
  • Form layout can be saved to a file (.iwf)
-Menu Editor

  • Parent variable can be preset
-Added Tools Menu Editor to Tools menu

  • Allows User to add/delete 3rd party tools of their choice to the Tools menu
-Added Help Menu Editor to Tools menu

  • Allows User to add/delete links to 3rd party Help files of their choice to the Help menu
-Added Clean Folder Utility to Tools menu

  • Allows User to delete files created during the compilation process, if desired
-Added Color Picker Utility to Tools menu

  • Allows User to select and preview fg/bg colors and the copy and paste proper code for those colors
-Added Toolbar Paint Utility to Tools menu

  • Allows User to create toolbar bitmaps for use in their applications
-Added Messagebox Builder Utility to Tools menu

  • Allows User to easily create a messagebox and then paste the code in their applications
-Improved Find-In-File searches

  • When new search is performed, previous search results are not automatically deleted.
  • User can delete all previous results with one click; or
  • Select one line or a block of result lines and delete with one click.
  • Each set of search results displays a header line showing what is being searched for and where.
-Bookmarks have been enhanced

  • Bookmarks are now saved between editing session for each file
  • Bookmarks are displayed in a dropdown menu
  • After selecting one the User can jump to that line or delete the bookmark
-Enhanced Print Preview

  • Set Margins
  • Optional Header
  • Optional Footer
  • Optional Wordwrap
  • Optional Color/B&W
-User's Guide

  • A significant amount of time has been spent improving the help file.
  • The separate ControPak help file has been abandoned and its contents merged with the
    User's guide so that all control information is in one location.

Also see the History page in the Help file for recent bug fixes in the pre-release version.
Larry McCaughn :)
Author of IWB+, Custom Button Designer library, Custom Chart Designer library, Snippet Manager, IWGrid control library, LM_Image control library