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placement of dlls

Started by TexasPete, September 21, 2010, 01:41:26 pm

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I am trying to get back to programming after about three months off because of work. I am attempting to get used to the changes in the latest version ob CB that paul released. I have placed some dll's I am using in the folder with the program and have it on the desktop. In addition I have placed those same dll in the coder creations folder where the compiler is. I am now getting an error messages saying that it can't find the dll. Is this due to windows seven or have I got the rule confused?

Texas Pete


Depends where is dll you must properly set path with getstartpath.
or you can use api 
DECLARE "kernel32",GetCurrentDirectoryA(nBufferLength:int,lpBuffer:String),int
to detect directory where your program or exe is.
I dont know how this things work in latest release becose i use freeware version.
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Aurel, I am already using StartGetPath.  I am of course using the newer version. I will work with it this weekend. Thanks for the reply.
Texas Pete