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Christmas 2009 - Part 1

Started by GWS, December 05, 2009, 03:42:15 am

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Hi folks,

I'm getting round to sending my Christmas cards again ..  :) .. so here's my offering to all of you, wishing you the best for the coming Christmas.

The animation was tricky to do.  The fire is a set of snapshots of a video, and getting them to display in exactly the same spot is not easy.  Maybe you know a method which would be better.  I had to call in Paint, Photoshop, Microsoft Photo Editor, and ArtRage to get it to work ..  ::)

The snapshots were taken from Windows Media Player .. but intially this wouldn't capture the shots using the Prt Scn button.  The images kept moving around.  It was necessary to go into Options - Performance - Advanced, and remove the tick against 'Use Overlays'.
It worked OK then.

The files were too large to upload in one go, so here's the first part .. ..

Anyway, have a nice Christmas ..  ;D

Tomorrow may be too late ..