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Installation on Vista fails with Code 740

Started by Rod Morrell, November 20, 2009, 10:19:09 am

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Rod Morrell

I am trying to install Creative Basic on a Vista Home Premium laptop with single user, so I consequently have Admin permission, which I have also confirmed.  At the end of the Install Wizard when I press Finish I get a message from Setup saying "Unable to execute file....cbasic.exe.  Create process failed: code 740.  The requested operation requires elevation." 

I was never asked to enter my license key.  When should that be requested?

Any suggestions on how to resolve the 740 failure?
Rod Morrell


I really dont know becose i use XP but try disable UAC , maby help...
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Rod Morrell

Solved by re-installing cbasic by: rclick on cbsetup.exe, Run as Admin.  The install ran to completion without Code 740.  However, I still get an APPCRASH when I start cbasic but I'll report that in a separate topic.

This subject can be closed as far as I, the originator, am concerned.

Rod Morrell
Rod Morrell