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Help with a test-project

Started by Peter, August 30, 2008, 11:26:50 PM

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I'm fully aware of the fact that the IWLP is far from complete at this point, but I would like to ask the linux-people for some help.

I'm gonna have to execute a shellscript (under X, KDE), which does the following things which I need to react on:
1) Asks for keyboardinput, which I'm gonna have to give it after "looking at the screen" and figuring out what it does.
2) The shellscript executes several application now and then in separate consolewindows, and those applications (similar to the command "top" for example) constantly updates their windows, and I would need to read the contents of the screen as well as being able to close the windows (forced so that none of the apps might accidentally hang), and use the information I got from these applications in commands to the shellscript again.

I'm quite sure I would need to use API's in linux to do this, at least at this point, but I have never coded anything needing API's in linux.

Could anyone help me out with this?