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Vista program files problem

Started by ExMember001, January 02, 2008, 05:29:30 PM

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In Vista the Program Files folder is protected. If a modification is made without elevating permission the new files are store in a virtualstore folder.
This is a good thing but its not good for a program like aurora or Emergence because the include files and Examples are in the Program Files subfolder.

A solution could be to move the Examples and Includes folder to MyDocuments on XP or Documents on Vista (this is the same folder)
or give the user the choice to set the path of the includes folder.

this way i could modify the includes folder files if needed and compile examples without problem ;)

what do you think Paul?

Ionic Wind Support Team

Already planned for the next update or so.  The best thing to do is to move them to a non "system" directory ofter installing on Vista until I make the necessary changes in the installer.  Of course until Vista Program Files wasn't off limits and Microsoft themselves stored all sorts of files there.

TImes change I guess, and I will chnage with them.


Ionic Wind Support Team