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Mouse problem in the editor

Started by GWS, September 24, 2007, 01:07:06 pm

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I wonder if anyone is using a mouse with a wheel ..

I've got mine set in Windows to scroll one line per wheel notch, and it's working fine in Notepad, Word .. etc.

However, when I'm in the IDE, a backwards wheel movement moves the code one line upwards as expected, but one notch of forward movement scrolls down a whole window of code - most disconcerting .. ::)

Has anyone else got the same effect? .. :)

Tomorrow may be too late ..


Hello Graham! "scrolly mouse" does one line at a time in either direction.


Bruce Peaslee

Mine does three (3) lines each way, but I didn't try changing anything.
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Mouse works fine, wheel scrolls in both directions as expected.


September 25, 2007, 12:42:16 am #4 Last Edit: September 25, 2007, 12:45:10 am by GWS
Thanks guys .. looks like it's a problem my end then ..   ::)

I'd have suspected the mouse driver, except it seems to be working in Word and Wordpad and on this Forum .. very strange.

Thanks, :)

Tomorrow may be too late ..


OK, I'm back in action ..  :)

No idea what I did (don't you just love Windows  ::))

I re-installed CBasic hoping it was corrected - no such luck - still jumping a whole screen full with one forward click.

Then I went into Control Panel - Mouse - Wheel, and upped the setting to 6 lines per wheel notch.

Re-started CBsaic - and all was well ..  :)

Gradually reduced the Wheel setting to 3 lines per notch - and still OK - Hooray!

But what's causing that twitchy behaviour I don't know.  Never mind - as long as it works ..  :)


Tomorrow may be too late ..