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Diagramming Software

Started by Bruce Peaslee, September 19, 2007, 10:51:33 AM

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Bruce Peaslee

As my project gets more complicated, it appears to me that some sort of diagramming might be useful. I've looked at programs on the internet and find them too simple, too complex, and/or too expensive.

Does anyone diagram their Aurora programs and, if so, what do you use? Or do you use some other way to visualize a large project?

Bruce Peaslee
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Haven't flowcharted a program in 10-15 years but use to do it all the time by hand (no program).

I learned the process in my very 1st computer science course at Lamar University in the early 70's after I got out of the AF.

However, I played around with a free program called yEd Graph Editor not too long ago that seemed to work okay for that purpose.

Didn't take but a few minutes to learn the basics of using it.

Larry McCaughn :)
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