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zip a file

Started by ExMember001, September 13, 2007, 10:45:11 PM

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I'm searching for a free dll that zip and unzip and encrypt files.
I have look through search engine and didnt found anything free that looks good.
Does someone know a good free zipping dll
also i'm wondering if someone had done something similar already with Aurora ?
this could save me alot of time ;)


What's wrong with ZLIB? It's free, it's fast and does a good compression job. And.. did you check this site?



i know zlib but for zipping files and encrypt it, i don't think it can do that, does it?
but thanks for the link, i did'nt found this page ;)

Blue Steel

just did a web search.. and found then remembered about PGP ;)

How can I encrypt/decrypt zip files with zlib?

zlib doesn't support encryption. The original PKZIP encryption is very weak and can be broken with freely available programs. To get strong encryption, use GnuPG which already includes zlib compression. For PKZIP compatible "encryption", look at InfoZIP.

here is a variation on pgp that may serve usefull

with this and zlib maybe you can get what your after
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Thank you Blue Steel, GPGME is interresting
i found since IZArc Command Line Add-On that seems really nice too ;)

the command line addon is really easy too use, but i can't figure out how to get the output, i tryed using ">\"C:\\test.log\"" at the end of the command but nothing get written to the file.

i heard also about piping... anyone got an example on How to pipe the output of a commandline application?