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How can I keep seeing what is going on in Windows program.

Started by billhsln, December 14, 2006, 10:19:24 PM

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I wrote a program that executes under the Windows.  The program itself works fine.  My question is, when the program looses focus, it seems to continue running but nothing shows on the screen as to what is happening.  I have the program displaying info and then clearing the screen and displaying more info.  Basically the program  clears the screen after printing a full page of info.  But after losing focus, it no longer displays anything until the program prints its last page.

Is there some way to get it back to displaying info?

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I THINK you might need to use a "wait 1" in your printing loop so other messages will get processed.

I've had to do that in some of my programs that had time consuming routines running.

Anyway, that's what I would try first.
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Yes, it sounds like something that used to happen in my EB app when filling a List View with loads of data - Wait(1) fixed it


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