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Aurora Beta 1 Rev 0

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, August 31, 2006, 04:18:33 PM

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J B Wood (Zumwalt)

Glad I just reread the planned, I was going to ask a dumb question like is enum available.


Could you move (and rebuild all libraries) the two method implementations from dx2d.inc for class C2DSurface to standard module? I mean method GetSurfacePointer and GetSurfacePitch.
Maybe you don't know this, but the two methods are exported from all your library modules, and from every module (object) we compile. It increases our code and crashes the ar while creating libraries with debug info.
From gui.lib it is exported 166 times!
I'm surprised that the ar.exe lib tool allows that without any warning.
I've looked at string tables in gui.lib: symbol C2DSurface@GetSurfacePointer and C2DSurface@GetSurfacePitch exists 166 times in one string table! (in deprecated first linker member).

Second problem: #include searches first in /bin, then in /include. Only "..\\include\\file.inc" can help here.

- #use could search first in project directory, then in /libs. It would be very usefull for all to link modules without "installing".
- would be neat to see ar and gorc errors in build window.
- and to limit number of displayed errors from parser to max 20-50 lines :) One syntax error can generate thousands of other errors, and all this is displayed. My record is 47s to wait until all error messages are added to this slow listbox in build window ;)

Ionic Wind Support Team

ar crashes with any debug info and has nothing to do with those two methods.  The linker ignores duplicate methods that are not referenced which is why it doesn't create an error.

47 seconds is an awful long time, are you sure your system is working right?.  Even on my lowly 800Mhz athlon the error messages show up almost instantly.  Even with hundreds of warnings/errors from the compiler the most it takes is 1-2 seconds.

Ionic Wind Support Team