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IWBasic runs in Windows 11!

Classic Right Click Context Menu - Registry Setting

Started by Andy, June 03, 2023, 02:00:17 AM

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I posted a good while ago several registry tweaks which many of you found interesting.

This is another one for those of you who have windows 10 & especially 11.

The following article by MS tells you how to add a registry entry which will restore the classic right click context menu, i.e. add back in options like cut, copy, paste etc.

Classic Right Click

Press your windows key and type in "terminal", follow the instructions then restart you machine.

This setting only sets the classic menu for the current user, if you have more than one user account you will have to repeat the steps for each of them.

The article specifies Win 11, but I'm guessing it should work in Win 10 if you have lost the classic context menu.

I've tried this on my PC and on Anne's laptop (also Win 11) and it works for both of them.

Should you want to change it back, the article covers that too.


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