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Turns calculator for Toroid Cores

Started by Egil, May 13, 2023, 06:07:24 AM

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Hi folks!
Nice to be back in business after my long hiatus...

Here is my latest tool. A calculator for finding how many turns needed for a coil to get the wanted inductance.
The hardest part was to make the data sheet collection and save them as GIFs. Everything is stolen from the internet. But as the people that originally made them are living of selling these cores, I recon they don't mind.

The program still lacks some work to be done, but I won't finish til I have used it for a while. And if anyone tries the code, I'll be glad to get suggestions.

Egil - LA2PJ

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With Egil's permission, here is the whole Toroids program converted to IWB from CBA. I have changed the icon in this version to a generic toroid. Got to confess, I don't know a thing about Toroids and their windings!

Egil still has work to do on the original, so there will be changes in the future



Quote from: Brian on May 14, 2023, 05:18:20 AMI don't know a thing about Toroids and their windings!

Unfortunately most people don't know about them. Therefore electronics producers make all kinds of equipment where they "forget" to add some of these coils into their "masterpieces" in order to save money. The result is that most computers, TVs, chargers and battery eliminators pour out electrical noise pulses, much worse than what the eastern block made during the "cold war" with their noise transmissions.  In addition toroids are used as coil formers for tuning in all kinds of radio and TV equipment.

Here I'm going to wind 72 coils wound on different toroid formers because I'm building a tuned front end to be used between an antenna and a cheap chinese SDR (Software Defined Radio) in an attempt go get rid of at least some of the mentioned noise, hoping to be able to hear very weak signals on the shortwave bands.

During the coil winding I' soon discover any erors in the calulator program. Plus I have to clean up the code and make a help file.


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