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Own IWBasic 2.x ? -----> Get your free upgrade to 3.x now.........


Started by Brian, August 20, 2023, 11:08:27 AM

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I have had this DLL for years, literally, and now and then I use it to add functionality to my programs

This is a do-nothing program, really. It is just to demonstrate how to show drives and folders and files. I have also added a couple of 3D buttons, which are part of the DLL

Move the 'pbsctrl.lib' into your \libs folder. Keep the 'pbsctrl.dll' in the same folder as 'PBSCtrl Test.iwb'

The 'All Controls.iwb' file is just so I can look up how to call some of the functions. The 'pbsctrl.txt' file is actually the include file for the DLL, but I don't use an include file. It is written for PowerBasic, I think, and is not much use as it stands

As far as I am aware, the DLL has been Freeware for years now



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Figured out why, when pressing either of the 3D buttons, it needed two key clicks to close the message box

Replace 'PBSCtrl Test.iwb' in the above post with this one