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IW Ebook

Started by matty47, April 02, 2023, 04:50:26 PM

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I recently upgraded to IWB 2 (and 3) and purchased IWB+. I have received these purchases. I also purchased a copy of the learn IW basic ebook. I did not receive this and did contact Larry who advised he had sent via email. I have not received the email. I did reply to his last message and gave an alternate email but no response yet - it has only been a few days and I know there is a time difference with me in Australia. Could the ebook be added to my purchasers page if the email(s) are not getting through? Thanks.

Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

I sent it as a .zip file to the alternate email. Can your email handle large attachments?



Thanks for the response. I checked email sizes. Gmail can accept attachments up to 25mb and iCloud can accept attachments up to 20mb. Emails are not getting through for some reason.

I have one other email attached to my website that I have never used so you could try that.

Email: matthew@traileryacht.net
Website: www.traileryacht.net

If this doesn't work don't fret about it, it just wasn't destined to be.
Thanks for your efforts