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Own IWBasic 2.x ? -----> Get your free upgrade to 3.x now.........

Just in case

Started by billhsln, March 03, 2022, 12:54:57 PM

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Since there isn't much traffic lately on this forum, I would think that eventually Larry will decide to shut it down.  Before he does, I hope he will allow the few of us die hards to purchase a searchable version of the forum.  I know I am willing to pay for it, since I search it for lots of things.  Especially since I forget things and end up looking it up here on the forum.

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I own the contents of the CoderCreations site and I started an attempt to do what you're asking to that site. I wasn't successful. But LarryS is a better coder than I am.
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No intent to shut it down for a couple of years at least. Still working on the new version of the
compiler - just started another re-write to solve some issues. Making haste slowly.



Well, I still use IWB most days, if only playing with it, and I look forward to an updated version. Good to hear you are keeping it going



I also use it daily.  Mostly for work, but have been thinking of starting a new 'fun' project, just have not come up with an idea of what to do.

Still think this is the best version of Basic, since it handles both old DOS like window and Windows style.

When all else fails, get a bigger hammer.


I haven't done much programming lately, but I too use it to modify some existing programs occasionally.  I have been waiting for the 64 bit version. IF it gets shut down, send me a searchable version too.  :)



Glad to hear it.

I check the site every day and there's a wealth of code on here. Not been programming lately as I needed a rest from it but hope to be back on it sometime soon.

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I still lurk here from time to time, I use Linux as my daily driver, don't have windows any more, I moved to GO for my programming needs...
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