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Printer utility

Started by Brian, April 19, 2021, 12:07:46 PM

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Been busy for the last few days with this program. I downloaded the DLL years ago when I first bought IBasic. I spotted it on my HD the other day, and decided to do something with it. It was originally supplied with VB and PB samples (in the zip), and at the time I wasn't proficient enough to make an IWB program with it

I have searched round, and cannot find the website of Silent O Software, or any notable reference to pprtr32.dll. After all, it was published 25 years ago. I fancy it was $20 as Shareware

Move the pprtr32.inc file to your \include folder
Move the pprtr32.lib file to your \libs folder
Leave the pprtr32.dll in the same folder as the pprtr32.iwb source code

Compile the program, or run the supplied pprtr32.exe file

The program finds all your printers, and then highlights the default printer
It lists the device capabilities of the default printer, and you can also invoke the printer dialog for the default printer
Double-clicking on a listed printer will set that printer to be the default device
Statusbar shows the printer name, page size number, page length and width in mm's

There are functions in the DLL which I haven't implemented, mainly because I didn't see a use for them

In the VB folder, there is also an exe which I compiled from the VB samples, which gave me a base to model my own program on. (I think mine is nicer!)

Any feedback welcome,



You know, after the underwhelming response to my above post, I don't think I will bother posting anything else, and just communicate privately with friendly members who are willing to share code and thoughts with me. Waste of time being a member here, really, at the moment

Won't stop me logging in to see if there is anything worth looking at, though



Sorry you feel that way Brian.
For one thing there are very many active members left on here.
And if the other few who post take the same attitude of just sharing stuff privately I suspect there would be a strong likelihood that LarryS might reevaluate the amount of money he spends each year on keeping the forum running and the forum software updated. Also he spends time working on a new version of the compiler.

And another thing, if I had decided to quit every time I got disappointed from the lack of feedback on something I was working on here on the forum I would have abandoned 3/4ths of the stuff I worked on.

I know Andy has done an awful lot of work and for the amount of work the feedback isn't very much.

But, I know we can't help how we feel sometimes and I just hope you reconsider.
For the sake of the forum.

Larry McCaughn :)
Author of IWB+, Custom Button Designer library, Custom Chart Designer library, Snippet Manager, IWGrid control library, LM_Image control library



What gets me is there was a time today when there were 107 people accessing the forum. Only two were members. Why don't these 'guests' take the time to register? They don't have to supply wads of code, but they could participate instead of which, I suspect, they are just picking out the best bits of code without giving any feedback

Or maybe they have pirate copies of IWB, and by registering themselves they feel they will be exposed? Who knows?

Maybe I was a bit quick to react this morning, as I consider the Forum my little 'friend' and certainly I have benefitted more than some from your expert knowledge

We'll see how it goes,


Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

Many of those guest are spammers.
I am here every day just do not say much.



LarryS is right about the majority of those visitors every day being spammers and such.
When I look in I can see the IP address of all those on line and those "guests" tend to be from china.
Larry McCaughn :)
Author of IWB+, Custom Button Designer library, Custom Chart Designer library, Snippet Manager, IWGrid control library, LM_Image control library



I totally understand how you feel, I feel it myself sometimes.

I also feel (sometimes) there's only me posting code, this feeling can and often does come from posting a bit of code and asking what does anyone think etc, and often no one replies...

That's why (because the forum was quiet) I asked what every one was up to the other day.

My editor program took a lot out of me, and at some point I will continue with it, I just need to find my next programming challenge.

What keeps me going?

1. This is where I learned to program in Windows.
2. I have met a lot of very nice / helpful people here.
3. Made some good friends.

I might not always post every day, but I sure come here every day - it's like an old friend.

Day after day, day after day, we struck nor breath nor motion, as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.