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Why the forum isnt Active?

Started by Outrun, November 22, 2021, 11:10:19 AM

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Hello there,

I am new here, I have decide to checked on IWBASIC and Aurora complier. It seem to me that Aurora Complier win the hand down but I am concern that the forum itself isn't active and why that?


Societies' interest has changed. A few years ago there were quite a few programming sites similar to this one with similar (but not as good) languages with many active followers just as this site had. Slowly, one by one, I watched those sites lose their active members and finally the sites shut down due to non-support.
The owner of this site is 74 and I'm the admin and I'll be 77 my next birthday. Most of the members who check in here regularly are in their 60s-70s.  If the owner doesn't find someone younger with the interest and skill to take over from him in the not too distant future this site could also disappear.
I've had multiple heart surgeries and the owner has had his share of health problems so we're really cutting things close, in my opinion.
Larry McCaughn :)
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Good points, Larry. For myself, it's very rare for me to go a day without looking on the forum, or firing up IWB to do a bit of programming (been using it this morning). When I was working (retired now), I used to write a lot of utility programs for work, but since then I don't have the incentive or the need to write new stuff. I enjoy collaborating where I can, usually with Andy, Bill or Egil, and sometimes Fasecero

But my interest is still there, as it keeps the old brain cells active!



Yes, Brian makes many points that I would also say.

For myself, I have had a stressful year never mind the pandemic, yet that's nothing compared to some of my friends on here and what they have gone through.

To help with the stress this year I returned to my 50 year old mystery of seeing a steam locomotive go right past me one day at the back of my grandfather's house.

It's been published this month - email for a copy!

As for programming, I simply had to give me eyes a rest from it. I've been a member here for I think about ten years and posted many many things but at the moment I've got "writer's block", put simply I can't think of something to program on at the moment.

With regards to the site itself, if nothing else it is a valuable coding reference place to come, and it would be a pity if the site were to shut.

At 55 years old now & enthusiastic about the language and the site I would be keen to see it carry on, and I am tempted about taking the site over, but I just don't know at the moment if I can cope with the responsibility of it.

We are around, so my best advice is to start posting programming questions - I know that would help to get things moving again.

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I check the forum daily to see what is posted new.  I use IWB basically daily for work.  I am glad that IWB allows me to connect to a remote computer via ODBC and do SQL back and forth.  I really like the fact that IWB allows you to both do Windows programming and DOS style programming or both at the same time.  IWB is extremely flexible.

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I visiting forum from time to time ,i sometimes forget for this forum
yes situation on similar BASIC forums is not better .