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StackNotes v1.0.4.6

Started by h3kt0r, June 21, 2015, 09:22:43 PM

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June 21, 2015, 09:22:43 PM Last Edit: September 30, 2018, 10:30:51 AM by h3kt0r
StackNotes Homepage

Download it at

StackNotes has had a positive review at SoftPedia (4 stars out of 5) and is now downloadable at this website too.
Here is the link :
SoftPedia Download

--(updated Sunday 30th September, 2018)--
- what's new : Fixed a bug where the last note in the table
would be lost on new note insertion in the TOC.

--(updated Friday 28th September, 2018)--
- what's new : Fixed a bug with "TOC search" function where
application would crash if no matching terms were to be found.

--(updated Thursday 01st March, 2018)--
- what's new : Squashed some ugly bugs. Added a toolbar.
Added capacity to manage the MRU files. Remade the con-
text menu for the TOC.

--(updated Thursday 08th February, 2018)--
- what's new : The program now works essentially in RAM;
meaning changes are commited to the padfile whenever the
user saves it or automatically on program exit. A few
small bugs were fixed too...

--(updated Tuesday 06th February, 2018)--
- what's new : Fixed a bug causing invalid path with
user's theme files. Fixed a few more minor bugs.
Some improvements were made to the GUI.
Significantly reduced the write operations by checking
if any changes are made to the notes. If this is not
the case, the program will skip writing the note back to
the disk. Added a new color theme ("Dark") accessible
through the "User Themes" dialog box...

--(updated Sunday 04th February, 2018)--
- what's new : A few bugs were found and fixed.

--(updated Tuesday 5th December, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed a bug with note deletion on TOC.

--(updated Saturday 15th July, 2017)--
- what's new : Small fix with Options dialog being displayed non-modal.
Reverted to modal state...

- what's new : Added hot-tracking to the toolbar.
Added arrow keys navigation for tab controls.
Added closing dialogs with escape key where relevant.
Added project, resource files and resources to allow anyone to compile
the program.
A few minor improvements...

--(updated Wednesday 05th July, 2017)--
- what's new : Added Cleanup routine on program exit.
Added relative path support. (making the program TRULY portable)
Improved error handling for compression/decompression routines.
Fixed MRU files popup menu.
Fixed Move entry in TOC.
Fixed program's icon not properly displayed in taskbar.

--(updated Sunday 02nd July, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed a bug with "Minimize to tray". Removed "AESCrypt" from
the package.
- what's new : Added ownerdraw menu using GDI. Removed all the code related to
enabling/disabling controls and menus. I believe people are smart enough to
correctly use a program. So, whenever you're on the TOC display, obviously,
edition commands won't do anything and "vice-versa".
Optimised the code, somehow...

--(updated Monday 26th June, 2017)--
- what's new : Added the possibility to define a global hotkey for the program.
Cleaned up the code to be more easy to read and understand. Polished the GUI a
little bit. Redefined the menus accelerators to be more intuitive and easy to

--(updated Thursday 15th June, 2017)--
- what's new : Upon user request, added a "Theme Builder" to the program.
Now you can define your own color scheme to customize the GUI.
Fixed some bugs.

--(updated Monday 12th June, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed a bug where the size of the "Magnifyer" window wasn't
saved in INI file and added resising limits and close on right-click.
Improved the "save on exit" feature : now when you're on a new page in a
padfile, adding some text then minimising the program to the tray and quitting
it by a right-click on its icon, the program will save your changes. Improved
the "Pad Infos" dialog box with a ListView and a progress bar showing compres-
sion ratio.

--(updated Saturday 10th June, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed the Menus items checking bug introduced with previous
release (sorry about that !). Upon user request, raised the program's window
size limit to 800x600 pixels. Polished the GUI a little bit.

--(updated Fridday 09th June, 2017)--
- what's new : Added some basic error checking to I/O file operations. Also
added the removal of "Read Only" attribute for "STZ" padfiles before saving.
Fixed a bug where the program's window wouldn't get the focus when a padfile
is double-clicked in a file manager by passing it the "WM-ACTIVATEAPP" command.
Fixed up ListBox display that won't update changes made when a contact is modi-
fied inside "Contacts manager". Replaced the "PadFile Infos" MessageBox by a
cosy dialog box. Fixed a bug where the program, when iconised in the system
tray and then closed with the "Sticky" option active, would start up the next
time at wrong onscreen coordinates, falling into a loop eating up 100% of the
CPU cycles. Added the "Topmost" option to the configuration file.
Added "Olive" color theme.

--(updated Sunday 04th June, 2017)--
- what's new : Upon user request, removed the "Backup" function under "File"
menu and replaced it with the classical "Save" function. Also, revised the
"Save AS..." function to behave properly. Added a color theme ("Deepsky").
Cleaned up and recompiled the Help file reducing its size by a half.
Started to work on a "Reminder" plugin...

--(updated Friday 02nd June, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed a bug which prevented a padfile to be opened right after
the "AESCrypt" plugin was closed. Fixed a color bug with the toolbar when
program started with no padfile to open. Fixed a bug producing an invalid path
inside drag'n drop routine. Added a "Password Generator" plugin.

--(updated Thursday 01st June, 2017)--
- what's new : Added French language support. Improved the Autoscroll function.
Added "Peru" color theme.

--(updated Tuesday 30th May, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed a few bugs. Improved the "Contacts" plugin.
Improved the Color Theme function : the toolbar is now colored too.
Added a "PayPal" button on the "About" tab in the "Options" dialog.
Significantly decreased the program size by using the "ultra-brute"
command line switch with new UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables).

--(updated Monday 29th May, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed a few bugs. Added a "Contacts" plugin.

--(updated Saturday 27th May, 2017)--
- what's new : Fixed bug with the "Undo" function introduced in previous
version. Fixed invalid palette for menus glyphs by turning bitmaps to 8 bits
and 2 colors. Added Color Themes to the program with 3 choices : "Classic",
"Midnight" and "Sunny".

--(updated Wednesday 24th May, 2017)--
- what's new : Some changes and fixes in the code to make it compatible with
Windows 10 (x64). Removed obsolete "Loupe.dll". Added the documentation in
CHM file format.

--(updated Friday 1st July, 2016)--
- what's new : Fixed and improved alphablending routine.

--(updated Wednesday 1st June, 2016)--
- Remade the screen capture plugin, is now integrated within StackNotes. Removed obsolete "Capture.dll". Improved menus handling and navigation between pages; now it really feels like flipping through the pages of a book. Working on the "Contacts" plugin...

--(updated Monday 30th May, 2016)--
- Improved Recorder plugin : added an options tab.

--(updated Saturday 28th May, 2016)--
- Added a sound recorder plugin working with the latest release of LAME MP3 encoder.

--(updated Wednesday 25th May, 2016)--
- Added a "Snapshot" function under "Plugins" menu to provide basic screen capture capacity. You can capture a window or control to Bitmap file.

--(updated Sunday 21st May, 2016)--
version (minor upgrade)
- what's new : Added an "Export to TXT files" function.
version (minor upgrade)
- Improved the "autoscroll" function : now works correctly with [F2] key. Updated the documentation.
--(updated Thursday 19th May, 2016)--
version (minor upgrade)
- Added an "Autoscroll" function. Some small changes in the GUI.
--(updated Monday 16th May, 2016)--
version (bug fix release)
- Fixed a bug that prevented minimizing StackNotes window if the "Stick to desktop borders" option was activated. Fixed a bug with the "Search TOC" function that prevented the search box to get the focus when activated. Added a "File_id.diz" file and an "History.txt" file to the package upon user request. Significantly reduced the program size using the "--ultra-brute" switch on UPX command-line (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables).
updated Saturday 14th May, 2016
- Added a plugin, "Screen Loupe" (magnifyer) in DLL form. Fixed a bug with drag and drop. Some more fixes in the code.
updated Thursday 12 May, 2016
Added a "system informations" tab in options dialog which provides some details about the computer (RAM, Drive, Environment variables, etc...); small fixes everywhere in the code where i could find them : flipping through the pages of a padfile is now faster somehow. Also, the cursor position is stored for each page; this way, you can resume a reading at the point where you left it the last time...
updated 27th April, 2016
You can now launch your browser by clicking an URL in StackNotes. Click on the line that contains the URL first, then press the [Control] key and Left-click. The program will parse the line for a valid URL, catch it and send it to the browser.
Please report bugs if any. Seems to work for me here, but let me know if a problem occurs.
updated 24th April, 2016
Fixed a few bugs, added some functions, redone the options dialog. ...

updated 13th April, 2016
Fixed a bug with new file creation. A few cosmetic changes...
updated 30th September 2015
StackNotes is now in version
- added option to start the program minimised. Added option to register hotkey Windows + S. Improved STZ file association : now the program handles correctly the padfiles so you can double-click any padfile inside explorer to open it inside StackNotes.

Since i'm a little busy at the moment (yes, there's a real world out there, you know ?), i'll take care of the next improvements to the program as long as i can find the time to do so but it may stay as it is for a while...
Anyway, thank you for using it and for the feedback !

updated 19th August 2015
- what's new : Sticky window and File association were added to the program. ( You can enable/disable the file association at any time with just one-click in the options dialog ).

updated 16th August 2015
- what's new : this is a maintenance release. A few minor bugs were reported and fixed. The next update is planned and should bring (hopefully) FTP upload support. Stay tuned !

There was an update, StackNotes is in version and now supports AES encryption / decryption through AESCrypt (command-line).
Also fixed invalid bitmap palettes for menu glyphs and toolbar. Added a nice gradient below the toolbar. Fixed an alphablending bug.

Use StackNotes pages to record notes and lists of things to do...
The first line of each StackNotes page is used as the Table of Contents entry.
Use the Edit menu to Cut, Copy and Paste notes and lists.
StackNotes pages are automatically saved whenever you browse through your notes.
Each StackNotes page can contain up to 32K of ASCII text.
Binary is packed using UPX. PadFiles are zipped using CAB10.DLL. Source included.

( comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome )

* Edit *
I'm also joining a wordfile for UltraEdit for those whom may be interested. The syntax is for iBasic so it should work
for Creative Basic, Emergence Basic, IonicWind Basic but perhaps not with Aurora. I've made it because there are wordfiles
for a lot of Basic programming languages on the UE support page (PureBasic, PowerBasic, etc ...) but none for IonicWind


Tried to download and got this:

We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.
Larry McCaughn :)
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Well, i'm confused, i thought Google drive just meant to precisely be that kind of service, but i can't download my own zip archive since i get the same error message as you, Larry. So, i've just opened an account on Dropbox and updated the download link, let me know if it works now...


Since the person who was doing the hacking is now spending the next 30 years in prison we haven't experienced any more corrupted or lost attacthments.  So it is just as easy to attach your zip files to your post here.
Larry McCaughn :)
Author of IWB+, Custom Button Designer library, Custom Chart Designer library, Snippet Manager, IWGrid control library, LM_Image control library



Very nice program, thanks for sharing!

After studying the supplied source code, I have two questions:

Where can I find the needed AllApi-files? ( $INCLUDE "AllApi.inc" )

Is the subroutine ibIsAppRunning part of the old IB Ctl.lib?
(Can't find any reference to it in the Ctl.inc file I downloaded back in the "good old" EB days...)


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Thank you. All the commands that begins with " ib " are part of the Steve Boothman's Control Pak that he released almost ten years ago for the iBasic Pro language. I think you can still get these control paks (this one and the KPX one from Giuseppe Pappalardo) on the codingmonkeys forums. See under the downloads of the iBasic pro section. I don't know if these could work straight "out of the box" with iwBasic though. I guess that the include files may need some modifications to work correctly with iwBasic...



I'll check on codingMonkeys.
There are probably several versions of the Ctl Pack. The one I already have on hand, works fine with EB, but there are no reference to subs starting with ib, so guess it is another version.

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December 25, 2019, 08:16:40 PM #12 Last Edit: December 25, 2019, 08:33:54 PM by h3kt0r Reason: Replaced multiple images by a sheet
Merry Christmas everyone !

Here are a few themes i've made for StackNotes.

Just extract the attached ZIP inside the program's folder.



Can you supply an IWB version of this program? I have tried to re-compile and the source seems to be missing various support files - icons, cursors, etc



December 27, 2019, 04:20:43 AM #14 Last Edit: December 27, 2019, 04:26:34 AM by h3kt0r

This is something i likely want to do at some point in the future, but can't do at the moment.
Problem is : even if most of the code would require very little work to be ported from ibPro to iwBasic,
still, some portions (every command beginning with "ib..." like in "ibGetSpecialFolders", which are additions
from the Control Pak) need to be written in iwBasic with Windows API calls and i'm not up to the task...

Anyway, i guess you could still recycle most of the code (or some portions) to write your very own notes-taking application.
Or write a fork of your own with iwBasic...



Thanks for your reply. If you could just post all the bitmaps and icons, etc, that are needed, in a zip file, I am sure I can manage to unravel the ib... commands and other quirky bits of code, and would be happy to post it for everyone else to use



All the required files to compile the program are contained in the "Sources.zip" archive that
is included within the attached download at the bottom of the first post : "StackNotes_v1.0.4.6.zip"

Extract "Sources.zip" at the root of your C: drive. You will get a "_Default" folder.
The project file for ibPro is included, so, if you still have a copy of ibPro on your system,
you can recompile it straight "out of the box"...



Yes, I found those, thanks, but the zip is missing mail.ico, StackNotes16.ico, Options_tb.bmp and Tabstrip2.bmp



Either way : you can safely remove these resources from the project OR
you can keep them inside the project, i'm providing the missing files attached to this post.

Explanation - these files were added at some point as i was working on the next version which was
supposed to include :
- an extended options dialog.
- an FTP upload feature for backup purposes.
- a "Mail this Note" feature.

As a side note, development is actually stopped as the situation here, in France, is somewhat very...
How may i say that ?
Insurrectional ? It's been a full year of "Yellow Vests" protests and we now have a massive strike.
Mr Macron is, to say the least, extremely unpopular. His government is definitely perceived as an
association of wrongdoers.


Thanks for the missing files, and the explanation. I was looking at your program yesterday, and I realised that there is some pretty good stuff in there, which I need to look at carefully to see how you did it