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Sapero's Windows include files(History)

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, May 23, 2006, 02:09:22 PM

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November 21, 2006, 12:20:55 PM #50 Last Edit: May 19, 2007, 11:39:21 AM by sapero
Here is the newest pack:[expired]
about 16MB of headers :)
Link valid 7 days after last download.
All unicode aliases are fixed, so #define UNICODE will always work
link 2: [expired]
or the first topic :)


Awesome Sapero. Thanks a lot. 16mb of pure text!!! Thas a hell of a lot of code. Much appreciate your time to do this.


Todd Riggins

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Ionic Wind Support Team

I will have the file on this server in the next 24 hours.
Ionic Wind Support Team

Ionic Wind Support Team

You can now download the file from the IonicWind server.  See the first message in this thread.
Ionic Wind Support Team

Todd Riggins

I noticed that the new Aurora enum keyword conflicts with declares in some files...
objidl.inc - line 547
propidl.inc - line 490 and line 525

declare virtual Enum{...

I currently rem them out. Anyway to fix this or is it sol'd? thx...
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February 18, 2007, 06:04:46 PM #56 Last Edit: May 19, 2007, 11:38:12 AM by sapero
I've uploaded next include pack, this time i's 20MB of text (5MB zip). All the 'enum, delete...' methods are prefixed with an underscore.
What's new:
- new direct x includes in separate folder (from februar 2007) - added IDirect3D9Ex, IDirect3DDevice9Ex and IDirect3DSwapChain9Ex interfaces from vista sdk (d3d9.inc)
- unrar.inc
- only 11.5 MB left to translate
- fixed problem with minimalized defines set with WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN defined before including windows.inc


Todd Riggins

Simply Awsome!

also thanks for updating the DirectX stuff!  ;D
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May 19, 2007, 11:36:41 AM #58 Last Edit: May 19, 2007, 05:30:21 PM by sapero
Added some MB's again :) This time it's 27MB of pure text, and 6MB (471 files) left.
The MAPI stuff is very poor defined, it goes as last.
Some old includes are completed, like tchar.inc, but the newest DirectX from April is not included yet.

Temporary download links:
[** - Links Removed - **

- All the SQL includes are from Platform SDK.
- undocumented.inc - contain some structures and imports from ntdll, this is (custom, unfinished) extended version of winternl.inc
- ntdll.inc - please delete this file.

Have phun! :D

I'm searching for: wzcsapi.h, ntlsa.h, and unknown header with macro CSV_FLIPI (used in WINCSV.H)


A small update - newer includes, and bugfixes. Some files from the DDK (for XP) added: ntddk, bugcodes, ntdef, mce, ntiologc, parallel, ntddpar, ntddser.
I needed some IOCTL codes to rewerse the equionox multi port (serial com) PCI card without any cables. The DCB struct bug also has been fixed.
[** - Link Remove - **


Sapero, I hate to be a pest, but your hard work I am not able to access. Is it possible for you to make a video tutorial on how to install and setup your files in Aurora?

Don't be shy about making a video tutorial, once you make one, they are addicting as so much nicer to explain things than writing out instructions.

I recommend the following as I have been tinkering with making video tutorials, this way you can record a nice 800x600 resolution and manage still to come up with really nice small file sizes.

I recommend the free xvid codec and record straight to that using camstudio, all are free and very easy to use:



If you can't compress on the fly to xvid, then download and use the lossless codec from camstudio, record with that, then compress with xvid.

Just set your screen resolution to 800x600, setup your microphone, tell camstudio to capture full screen, you can set if you want the mouse highlighted or not etc. Record at 10fps and you will have great videos that can be viewed full screen with readable text. Makes it perfect for learning.

Thanks in advance and hope you try to make it!!


Hello kryton, I have already started with custom installer based on Property Sheet with Wizard97 style. It runs pretty good on XP and win98se with IE6.
This installer will create missing import libraries, copy the includes, and install optional tools like strsafe and glaux.
I have compressed also about 500GB of video material with vdub, gordian, tmpgenc, so don't worry about this :)
I have camstudio installed, but never used it :)


Sapero, you are "the man". That sounds incredible. Looking forward to finally tap into your wonderous contributions. Thanks!!


June 04, 2007, 02:01:09 PM #63 Last Edit: June 05, 2007, 05:14:13 PM by sapero
OK, here it comes! ;D
[** - Link Remove - **

This little app is a custom made setup, that will help you step by step to install the headers. I have used richedit to display install log. Microsoft says the multiline edit control on Windows 98/ME can handle up to 65535 characters, but this isn't real, about 47KB is required for the log if all components are selected to install.

Note, If you want to create unicode GUI applications, you will probably include commctrl.inc. Some constants are already defined in gui.inc but only for ansi version, so the gui.inc must be modified (setup option), or you will need to remove unicode duplicates from commctrl.inc.

I hope you enjoy it ;D

EDIT: Added "silent install" option - no file replace prompt, added default install directory (used if aurora not installed)
EDIT: added glaux.lib and fixed missing #endif in ddraw
EDIT: added glew.inc


Oh man Sapero, you made my day!! Came home and found your installer and am very excited to finally be able to run some of your demos and examples.

Thanks, I chose the silent install, at the end it said there were 22 errors. But so far everything is running ok. I was looking through the includes and you have everything in opengl it seems and of course sdl. Those are areas of big interest to me at the moment. It will take me time to absorb the world you opened up with these wonderful files. Thanks so much!!



Sapero, where are the opengl and sdl examples? The link you had on page one or 2 is no longer working. Thanks. As you can see anxious to start on these finally, thanks again!!


June 04, 2007, 07:32:03 PM #67 Last Edit: June 05, 2007, 05:25:42 PM by sapero
[** - Link Remove - **
This download contain the previous, but modified ogl examples with fixed "math.inc" problem.
On the zip rot folder you find a include and lib. Move the lib to aurora\libs, and the include to aurora\include (missing #endif fix).
I am sure you find problems while compiling some GL projects that use vector4x4 and fonts. If so, remove the "bad" file from project, then add it again, manually browsing for the file.
The problem is that the projects are located in \projects\opengl\name\name.awp, and some shared files are located in \projects\opengl\common\, but the build-in project 'updater' does not handle this.
Optionally unpack all to d:\aurora\projects\opengl\

In 10min I will update the links to headers setup.


Nice nice nice!!! ;D
Thanks Again!

Peter B.


Thanks very much Sapero. And thanks for the explanation about how to overcome the errors. Removing and adding the source files back into the project works great!! Thanks so much again!!!!


June 05, 2007, 02:26:32 PM #70 Last Edit: June 05, 2007, 02:30:49 PM by kryton9
I am having a problem running the cg related demos. It can't find cg.lib and cggl.lib. I copied them from another folder on my computer, but it gave an error about case sensitivity.

I ran the header installer again to copy the errors and now it is making more sense. I guess these dll's need to be in the lib folder, is this correct?
QuoteCreating required import libraries in C:\Program Files\Aurora\libs
- The library d3dx8d.dll could not be located
- The library ilu.dll could not be located
- The library ilut.dll could not be located
- The library cg.dll could not be located
- The library cgGL.dll could not be located
- The library devil.dll could not be located
- The library ml10.dll could not be located
- The library mlu10.dll could not be located
- The library lame_enc.dll could not be located
- Failed to dump imports from ole2.dll
- The library ole2auto.dll could not be located
- The library SDL_net.dll could not be located
- The library eax.dll could not be located
- The library wpcap.dll could not be located
- The library zlib1.dll could not be located
- The library ip6fwapi.dll could not be located
- The library bass.dll could not be located
- The library d3dx9_30.dll could not be located
- The library d3dx9_32.dll could not be located
- The library d3d9d.dll could not be located
- The library d3d8d.dll could not be located
- The library xinput1_1.dll could not be located
- The library wmsdk.dll could not be located
- The library openal32.dll could not be located
- The library alut.dll could not be located
- The library unrar.dll could not be located
- The library mtx.dll could not be located
- The library SDL_image.dll could not be located
- The library SDL_mixer.dll could not be located
- The library SDL_ttf.dll could not be located
- The library sdl.dll could not be located


June 05, 2007, 03:10:51 PM #71 Last Edit: June 05, 2007, 05:27:36 PM by sapero
If you look in \OpenGL_\Particle System Using Optimized Billboards, you find a link to CG-toolkit :)
It may be, after installing this you'll need to copy four dll's (cg, cgD3D8, cgD3D9, cggl) from program files into your system folder.

Added new examples: [** - Link Remove - **
added new glew include + glew32.dll from sourceforge.net.
Don't worry about other missing libs, you'll need them (and the dll's) only to compile other examples like windows media player, openAL, SDL...

EDIT: updated the installer.


Thanks Sapero. I have a lot of the dll's installed, just not in the system folder. I will move them there before doing the next header install.
I am sure I will write back with more questions as I go through these wonderful additions you provided. Thanks so much!!


Just wanted to say thanks again for all of these. I am taking my time and going through all the examples. There is lots to study for sure!!


Here comes the next version - (1.6 - soft version, 1.3 - headers version).
Added option to skip unmodified files, the creation date of installed files is set to the date of last modification (by me), so you will have same file-date as I.
Added also simple context menu to the log page, and some links to missing dll's.
[** - Link Remove - **