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League Tables program

Started by Brian, September 12, 2019, 09:21:31 AM

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I wrote this a long time ago, and have just finished updating so it looks a bit more modern

You can create and update a league table of your own, with P W D L F A Pts columns, with up to 32 teams in a table. You can optionally change the number of points for a win and a drawn game. Also you can Print a table. Little help file included (not very good at translating actions to words!)

I originally wrote it to manage our table tennis league, but you can use it for any sport that uses a similar format

If you want to port it to another PC, just include the exe and chm files - icons and bitmaps are embedded in the exe




After a bit more testing, I have updated the league tables program. New stuff includes:

Added bitmaps to menu items
Added a bitmap to the statusbar
Added a Preferences dialog. Now you can set whether the last-used table opens automatically when the program runs
Added checkboxes. To enter points, just select two teams, and press Ctrl+E or press the Enter button. No need to hold the Control key down to do a multiselect now
Updated the help file, using Fasecero's excellent HTML Help Workshop tutorial
Moved bitmaps, icons and manifest file into their own folder
Various other tweaks

As before, you just need the exe and CHM file for it to run. Compile as a Project

I have removed the zip in the first post, so use this one



Thanks for sharing. Really appreciate this. Nice program !