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Strange IDE problem

Started by billhsln, January 08, 2018, 09:54:58 PM

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I used to be able to do a Control-S and the IDE would save my current file.  Now it puts a DC3 into the code.  Is there some switch I checked or unchecked that does this?  I have looked but could not find one.

I have attached the About screen from the IDE I am using, should be the most current.

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My "About" screen shows the same as you, so yes that should be the most recent version.

As for your problem, I cannot re-create it on my machine, Ctrl + S simply saves my code as it's designed to.

Have you tried re-installing IWB3?

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It also happened to me, and not only in IWbasic.
Try clicking outside the editor area. That is what solves the issue for me.