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Difference in window size between Project and Non-Project

Started by billhsln, March 29, 2018, 10:08:45 AM

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I originally set a program up with:

OPENWINDOW wOpp0100b,0,0,880,600,0x80C80080,0,"Order Entry - Order Selection",&handler_wOpp0100b

The problem comes in when I changed it from a single program to a project.  I have not changed the size on the OPENWINDOW or where the fields are on the screen, but when I do a screen capture, the single version shows a size of 1100x750 and the project shows 880x600.  The buttons, statics and listviews are all in the correct place, but the text is too large in the project.

Just wondering if any one else has seen this happen.  This is not the only program some thing like this has happened to me.

What I plan to do now is change the program from 880x600 to 1100x750 and adjust the position and sizes of the buttons, statics and listview.

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