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License purchase

Started by dabil, October 11, 2017, 08:03:21 AM

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I had the purchase agent of my company try to buy a license for me.  He said the Paypal link charge our credit card but never got a license key or whatever delivered after purchasing.  How do you get the license and software after purchasing.  Is there a link?  Does someone have to register first?


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Can you send us the information at david.billett@sti-ultrasound.com and copy it to travis.orso@analogic.com.

I also want to buy the serial utility.

Thanks for your help.  I am trying to get the AIM 4170 software DLL that was written in IW basic to work with Visual Studio c#. Do you know anything about the 4170 DLL?



I'm sure LarryMc will sort things for you, when Larry sends you your username and password you will be able to login at the customers page and download IWB and the serial utility there:


With regards to the dll file, once you've got IWB ask the question again in the General Questions section (IWBasic) and I'm sure one of us will be able to help you.

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QuoteI am trying to get the AIM 4170 software DLL that was written in IW basic to work with Visual Studio c#.

If the AIM 4170you mention is an antenna network analyzer, you should contact the Array Solutions (www.arraysolutions.com/) for details on how to use the unit. They made it.
Can't remember that anyone on the forum has mentioned making software for that company though.

The AIM 4170 I am familiar with, was a RS-232 to USB converter cable (I used it with Win XP and Win 2000). If that is the case, you just need a generic serial to USB  driver to use it.

Good luck!
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