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a request

Started by kryton9, June 09, 2006, 11:34:38 AM

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Yes, looking at the help in Aurora, the skeleton that is there, it is clear that once all that info is filled in, all of this will be a lot easier to pick up.

I was just excited when I thought oh, it is derived from this class and I then get access to all of those methonds. THen I could see why you are all excited about
classes. But then, sort of stumbled and got lost.

But with the great window example, and all your other examples now. Hopefully I can fill in the gaps. I have a start and an end to look at and lots of great help here.

Thanks again. I know it will all click and I will stop looking back at the old ways :)

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Well you are right.  You have access to all of the base class methods from a derived class.  Whether they are meant to function in the derived class is another matter.  99% of the time you can, or can use them after following certain conditions.  Hate to be vague here but it depends on the base class in question.

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Thanks, I am understanding it slowly. This example helped as I can really experiment with it and compare it with the dialog and being rather minimal apps it is easy to understand and to build from. Now I understand where some of the methods were coming from when not declared and I am understanding how the skeleton help is already helpful and what I see there now is making more sense. I couldn't see in the help where the CWindow methods were Virtual methods?

Of course that Class Tool, I had no idea what to do with that. THat is a wonderful tool as is the dialog editor. I also understand the coolness of having include files and being able to break the source up into classes and things. I can see how all of that will make life wonderful on big projects.

I have a question about all of that, but will post in Sapero's windows include topic.

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The template Larry uses for the help file calls it an "overridable" method.  Which is the same as a virtual method.

For example the OnCreate description says:

Event Handler Method (overrideable)

Meaning it is called in response to a window message and is a virtual method. 
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Ah ahh, making more and more sense. THanks!!