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Aurora update Alpha 3 Rev 1

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, May 04, 2006, 01:02:53 AM

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Ionic Wind Support Team

The Aurora compiler has just been updated.  To get the update redownload from the link provided when purchasing.

Changes / Additions
- C2DScreen::CreateFullScreen was  improperly creating a caption for the API window. Fixed.
- C2DSprite::Create method added.
- C2DTileSet class added to the 2D library.
- Example program breakout.src added.
- Example program tileset_example.src added.
- Structures can now be passed by value using the BYVAL keyword.
- The GetTextLength method was moved to the CWindow class.
- And identifier can now be comprised of just an underscore and number.  example: float _5;  This was requested by Sapero.
- The compiler now correctly identifies missing return statments and inserts them as needed.
- A single line subroutine was causing an error. Fixed.  example:  sub blah(int a) { return a*2; }
- 'sizeof' is now an alias for 'len'.
- You can now define a variable of type HEAP for use with the allocheap function.
- Intrinsic unicode support added.
- wstring, dwstring types added.
- wheap type added.
- s2w and w2s funcions added to convert between unicode and ANSI strings

More information:
Unicode in Aurora is supported intrinsically through the use of the new wstring and dwstring types.  The 'w' stands for "wide character" which is a common Windows terminology. Unicode characters are comprised of word sized elements (UTF-16).  Unicode support on 9x (95, 98, ME) systems in minimal unless you have the  MSLU (Microsoft Layer for Unicode) installed. 

Unicode strings can be entered by using the L prefix on a string:

wstring w = L"This is a unicode string";

The default length of a unicode string is 255 characters.  You can dimension a unicode string by using the dwstring keyword:

dwstring w[1000];

Creates a 1000 character string.  The same as using the 'dstring' type for dimensioning an ANSI string.

The LEN (sizeof) function will return the number of characters contained in a unicode string.  Converting between ANSI and Unicode strings is performed with the s2w and w2s functions:

w = s2w( "An ansi string" );
print( w2s(w) );

Current support also allows concatenation and comparisons.

w += L"hello";
if( w = L"hello" )

Over the next few updates we will be adding wide character versions of the string library as well. 

See Also

The demo version has also been updated
Ionic Wind Support Team

Paul Squires

Very impressive! This language has grown so much, so fast. Are you sure that you really have a day job?  ;D
Paul Squires
FireFly Visual Designer, SQLitening Database System, JellyFish Pro Editor

Steven Picard

Quote from: Paul Squires on May 04, 2006, 06:39:08 AM
Very impressive! This language has grown so much, so fast. Are you sure that you really have a day job?ÂÃ,  ;D
Makes you wonder, doesn't it.ÂÃ,  :DÂÃ,  ÂÃ, I am very impressed with the progress.ÂÃ,  8)

@Paul Squire, this is the language to support for your new FireFly.ÂÃ,  ;D

Ionic Wind Support Team

I have a very flexible schedule.  Took yesterday off just ot get the update done ;)
Ionic Wind Support Team


Wow Paul that is flexible. What a job hey!


Ionic Wind Support Team

The source archive for this update has just been uploaded.  Redownload from the link provided when purchasing.
Ionic Wind Support Team