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IBasic to CBasic

Started by tbohon, July 19, 2013, 11:00:05 AM

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Has anyone either found a utility to do this or done this and can offer some hints on what is involved?  There are some routines on the old IBasic CD that I bought years ago and tackling the conversion appears to be a challenge.


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I didn't think there was any difference, but I never used IBasic and really don't used CBasic.

Graham will be able to give you a better answer.
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As far as I know IBasic is completely compatible with CBasic ..

Any .iba program file should run in CBasic if you just rename the file extension to .cba

CBasic was a tidied up version, that in later versions, placed the sample pograms on the user's C drive to keep more recent Microsoft OS's happy - a bit of a nuisance I always thought - but it was easy to copy them to wherever you loaded the CBasic system.

A few newer facilities were added to CBasic, but were never fully tested and did give a few problems.
For that reason, I still use version 1.0.  You can I believe, still get one of the early versions from this site on request. 

(On the other hand, I may have misread your question Tom.  You've found some IBasic code that is not easily converted to CBasic - I'd like to know what is involved - it seems unusual  ::))

all the best, :)

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