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Aurora update Alpha 2 Rev 11

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, March 20, 2006, 03:07:24 PM

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Ionic Wind Support Team

The Aurora compiler has just been updated.  To get the update redownload from the link provided when purchasing.

- CWebBrowser added.  See "browser_demo.src"
- CImageList added
- CHeaderCtrl added.  See "Header_Example.src"
- CComboBoxEx added.  See "ComboBoxEx_Example.src"
- CSpinButton added.  See "SpinButton_Example.src"
- AddControl and AddControlEx were moved to the CWindow class.  You can now create controls for a window or dialog using a single statement.
- CWindow::IsValid method added.  Returns TRUE if the window is open and valid, FALSE otherwise.
- The dynamic help menu in the IDE is now active.  The skeleton Aurora help file added to installation.
- The debugger now scrolls to the correct line during a break or single step.
- Open Project and New Include File buttons added to the IDE toolbar
- || now means OR.
- && now means AND.
- XOR keyword added.
- Higlighting a word in the IDE and right clicking allows search the help files for the keyword.  There isn't a big keyword list yet so don't expect too much ;)

The CWebBrowser class can be used by putting #include "" at the top of your source file

Using AddControl in a window example:

//TestWindow definition
class TestWindow : CWindow
declare virtual OnClose(),int;
declare virtual OnControl(int nID, int nNotifyCode, unsigned int hControl),int;
declare virtual OnCreate(),int;

global sub main()
TestWindow win;
win.Create(0,0,300,212,AWS_VISIBLE|AWS_SYSMENU,0,"Test Window",NULL);
win.AddControl(CTGROUPBOX,"Enter Your Name",19,10,254,134,0x50000007,0x0,3);
CControl *pControl = win.GetControl(3);
do{ wait();} until !win.IsValid();

return 0;

return 0;

TestWindow::OnControl(int nID, int nNotifyCode, unsigned int hControl),int
case 1:
if(nNotifyCode = 0)
case 2:
if(nNotifyCode = 0)
CControl *pControl = GetControl(4);
MessageBox(this,"OK Pressed",pControl->GetText());
return 0;

The demo and source license archve has also been updated
Ionic Wind Support Team


&& wasn't supported before, but || meant XOR so watch out of you were doing encryption... a simple find/replace will fix the problem.