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5b. IWBasic Controls

Started by LarryMc, August 10, 2011, 08:49:45 AM

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Part B

IWBasic provides us with another command for creating controls, CONTROLEX.
Controls are created with the following command line:

CONTROLEX parent, class, title, left, top, width, height, style_flags, exStyle_flags, id

parent,  title, left, top, width, height, style_flags, id

These parameters are exactly the same as described in  the CONTROL command discussion above.


These flags work exactly the same as the style_flags discussed previously.  The difference is that, while style_flags are control type specific, exStyle_flags are more global in nature.  These flags control such things as visibility and the type of border the control has.


This is a string that identifies the specific type of control being added.  To that extent it is doing what the type parameter does in the CONTROL command.

What the reader needs to understand is the control type constants are provided as a convenience to the user so that a class string doesn't have to be entered for each control.  That implies that the OS requires the class string.


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