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Norton Prevents Latest Release of IWBasic from Running

Started by Logman, June 27, 2011, 10:13:29 AM

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I get the following error now when I attempt to start IWBasic:

iwbdev_xshld4.exe removed from file and quarantined. File is a HIGH risk. File acts in suspicious manner not consistant with normal code.

Any idea what's going on? I can't use IWBasic now without reinstalling it and turning Norton 360 off, which is not a good idea.


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Has norton been updated since the last time you ran iwb.

The only reason I ask is about a month ago just about every exe file created with EBasic 1.737 was suddenly flagged by AVG and removed to the vault. Also the tbpaint.exe I used in the past to create toolbar bitmaps.

I sent them and email and a few of the files and it was fixed the next day.

Maybe something like that has happened to you.  I quit using Norton years ago because it was always giving me problems.

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Norton updated to a new version 5.0. The IT administrator at my work updated all our systems. The government, at least the three agencies I work with, also updated to the new version because of the stronger anti-virus algorithms and other enhancements.

Ever since the update, a number of formerly working software products and executable files have been quarantined and deleted by Norton. Many of them mine that were created with both EBasic and IWBasic.

Larry S. worked with me earlier this week and provided a temporary workaround. It saved most of the programs I have written for my clients. I believe Larry S. has a handle on what's going on and is working the issue.


UPDATE: I've also tried various anti-virus packages to get around resource hogs and ineffective virus checkers. My problem is that although I can change the anti-virus software on my own personal computers, I can't change the anti-virus packages used by the businesses and government agencies I work with. I have to fight through the issues I run into with them--that's what they pay me for. If it weren't for clients, I'd have no issues and could happily program away; however, and this is the big one, they do help me pay my bills and afford software like IWBasic. So, thank goodness for clients. Now if we could only get Norton to behave more rationally! :)
Education is what you get when you read the fine print.<br />Experience is what you get when you don't!