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Next versions of IWB

Started by Rock Ridge Farm (Larry), May 16, 2011, 07:49:34 AM

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Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

As we move forward with IWB development it becomes appearant that
we need to drop support for older versions of windows.
I would like to cut it off at XP. The new C Compiler cuts off support at XP but
Sapero can fudge it a bit if we need.

Anyone running anything older that XP - please let me know.




Microsoft don't support updates to XP now unless you have
Service Pack 3, which is what I run

So, yes, please keep support for XP!



Quotedrop support for older versions of windows

Can you elaborate what this exactly means?

The compiler will not run on lower systems or the core libraries will have dependencis?

If only core library issue it can be easily solved by making couple remarks in the Help file to commands have dependencies on higher OS.



I have forgotten about XP and about Vista, too. It would be best if next version would work with Win7 only but that is hard to expect. So, Vista and Win7 is what I'd like to see. Get rid of XP as the support for it will vanish soon enough and it was never a proper 64-bit system anyway.



Ficko, the linker does not allow to set OS version below 5.0 (/SUBSYSTEM).
It may be changed manually to allow the program to run on systems older than W2k.


Quote from: sapero on May 17, 2011, 03:25:27 AM
The linker does not allow to set OS version below 5.0

I know.
"/SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS,5.00" is ok for windows 2000.

Thanks for the clarification it just wasn't clear why this support restriction come up.

- I still use Win 2000 which is the base OS for some older industrie robots, machines and of course mainboards etc. -