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IWBasic runs in Windows 11!

Alpha update 12/19/2005

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, December 19, 2005, 08:31:19 PM

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Ionic Wind Support Team

December 19, 2005, 08:31:19 PM Last Edit: December 29, 2005, 09:47:21 AM by Ionic Wizard
Yep it's that time again ;)   Redownload from the link provided and reinstall.

- 'interface' keyword added to create COM definitions.  Use it just like you would the 'class' keyword.  See the example 'shell_com_example.src' for usage.

- The dereferencing operator "->" was added to the syntax.  Works for any pointer that already has a type, doesn't support typecasting yet.   

- The classes MDIFrameWnd and MDIChildWnd were added to the GUI library.  See 'mdidemo.src' for an example on creating and managing MDI frames and child windows.  Not yet a complete example but the basics are there.

- The menu editor is now included with the installation.  Generates the needed class statements to create a menu.  Will import from an existing .src file or from a resource file.

- 'switch' added as an alias to 'select' to aid in converting code from C.

- The title bar flicker has been removed

- Icons for source and include files now properly registered.  You might need to uninstall first for the changes to take effect.  I just needed a reboot to clear the windows icon cache.

- 'welcome.htm' is now there. So on a fresh install you won't be greeted with the 'page not found' message.

- A nasty bug in the DELETE statment was fixed.  Was pushing the wrong value for 'this' when calling destructors.

That's all folks ;)

Ionic Wind Support Team


Yay! ;D
It's amazing how fast this is all going, especially with your new job.

Just wondering, would it be worthwhile to port pakgen to Aurora, or are the updates all going to be via Inno?

Ionic Wind Support Team

The source code to pakgen is known only to Fletchie.  However I do have a general idea of the way he did it using an embedded gzip library to handle the compression. 
Ionic Wind Support Team

Bruce Peaslee

An update and two new examples (full of pointers, tooÂÃ,  :P )ÂÃ,  ;)

But I have to go to bed - I'll be back tomorrow to work some more.
Bruce Peaslee
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Steven Picard


I know that only he has it, but I meant making one by using the compression library and a precompiled stub program like he did. I've also found how the GetIBProDir function works, by looking under IDE configuration in the registry, which Aurora has the same.


There just seems to be no stoping you Paul.



Hey Paul,

Things are really looking good.

I have 1 request for the dialog editor though... would it be possible to have a switch that would allow the generated code to include the individual flags instead of the number they represent?  For example, instead of it generating "0x0003200315B" it would generate "@SOMEFLAG|@ANOTHERLFAG|@LASTFLAG".

I know I could get the same information from the help files, forum, and MSDN, but it would be much quicker to bring up the dialog editor, add the flags I want, and see what code that generates.


Ionic Wind Support Team

we don't use '@'.  But I get your meaning ;)

Yes that is a possibility.  Just a lot of tedious coding for me to extract the style bits and turn them into something useful.  Especially for button controls since Microsoft used '0' as one of the styles.

Ionic Wind Support Team


Sorry, I pulled the @ from "another" language.   ;)

Obviously it's not needed, nor will it be a deciding factor for buying Aurora, but it would be a nice feature.  I can't imagine that it would be something simple either; given that many of the same bits mean different things for different controls, but it would definitely be a convenience.