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IWBasic runs in Windows 11!

Aurora update Alpha 2 Rev 8

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, February 27, 2006, 10:05:24 AM

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Ionic Wind Support Team

The latest update of the Aurora compiler has just been posted.

To get the update redownload from the link provided when purchasing.  Uninstall the older version and install the new one.

- LEN now works on lvalue typecast expressions.  *(int)((p+len(int)) * x) = 100;
- The CRichEdit::Print method was renamed to CRichEdit::PrintDocument
- PRINT and SPRINT functions added to the compiler.  They work in a similar manner to BASIC's print statement.

print("hello ", name, " You are ", age, " years old");
s = sprint("hello ", name, " You are ", age, " years old");

To not print a carriage return to the console add a traling comma

print("Enter your name: ",);

- SETPRINTDECIMALS added to the library.  Controls how many decimal places are displayed by print and sprint.
- The image classes CImage, CBitmap, CIcon and CCursor added to the GUI library.  See 'imgview.src' and 'simplepaint.src' for details on usage.
- CWindow::PrintWindow method added.  See 'imgview.src' and 'simplepaint.src' for details.  Opens the system printer dialog and prints the contents of the window scaled to the page.
- SETCONSOLETITLE added to the console library

- The nasty NEW bug was fixed.  And was the primary reason for the quick update ;)

The demo version has also been updated.

Ionic Wind Support Team

John S

Was there any need to update the sources?  I checked and there was no change in them?
John Siino, Advanced Engineering Services and Software

Ionic Wind Support Team

Got busy with other things.  I'll update the source as soon as I can.
Ionic Wind Support Team

Ionic Wind Support Team

Ionic Wind Support Team