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Please Post the *Specific* deficiencies of the Help File in IWBASIC?

Started by CodeTRUCKER, January 09, 2011, 11:35:47 AM

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The purpose of this thread is to assist the developer(s) in identifying specific deficiencies in the IWBASIC 1.8 Help Documentation.  While it could be sometime before the actual corrections will or could be addressed, the compilation of our collective participation will provide invaluable assistance to those that will have to do the real legwork.

Please identify the specific *issue* you are posting in a separate post.  Something like this fictitious example might be appropriate....

When searching on this keyword I was directed to a very long list of very diverse terms instead of directly to the keyword.


I did not understand this statement...
"@IDABSTRACT is used to abstract the delineation of the arrays inside of certain float variables.

Please do not use this thread for offering opinions or commentaries on what needs to be added.  Any real needs in this vein will readily present themselves as the existing documentation is made more consistent.  

@LarryS and LarryM - Given the mutually beneficial and long-term nature of this thread, perhaps it could be made a "sticky" to keep it readily available for our membership and to encourage participation?
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