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Aurora's Programmer's Reference and Guide to Programming

Started by John S, March 01, 2006, 02:37:06 PM

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Hi all,ÂÃ,  :D

I've downloaded the help file and it is wonderful. A lot of hard work went into this and I am about ready to sit down and read it front to back to help me get up to speed on Aurora. Cudos! to those who've put in the time for this.ÂÃ,  ;)


Ionic Wind Support Team

It is just a skeleton, but will give you a general overview of what is currently in the language.
Ionic Wind Support Team

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An updated version of Aurora Help has been posted to the forum at the following

This update is in support of Paul's posting of Alpha 3 Rev5 to the forum.

This update includes the basic help file and the separate dx2d help file.

The tutorial is now included in the main help file.

Larry McCaughn :)
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It's this help file up to date? it haves  some Classes that don't appear on the "official" help file (CWebBrowser,  for example,  are very cool  ;D)