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When working with fonts I ran into this.

Started by TexasPete, November 26, 2010, 07:38:46 am

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When working with fonts . I ran into the following error message. It said that "VAL" was not a defined variable. I have checked all the other variables they are defined and they are global. In the main module it did not return an error message for the same line of code:

Manual Example: SetFont window,typeface, weight {,flags| Charset}{,ID}
I am not using this the change a control.

setfont Win2,FontArray$[FontArrayIndex],VAL(NumericArray$[FontNumberIndex]),Number,FontWeight[FontNumberIndex],TextDecorationCB[TextDecorationIndex]|LanguageSet[languageIndex]

Are there any takers.

Thanks Texas Pete


Hey TexasPete..
  Maybe I can help with with this one. I've had a similar problem. Mine was that RND was not defined. The answer was that I had forgotten a ending quote, comma or semicolon earlier in the program. After fixing that, no more error. So look for a forgotten quote, etc., and that should fix it.



The whiteknight got it. It had nothing to do with "val error" at all.  About four lines up there was a quote that had not been closed.

Texas Pete

Special Thanks to Graham for his suggestion.

texas pete