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computer Hangs up

Started by TexasPete, November 13, 2010, 06:02:44 AM

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I spent the early mourning hours stepping thru the first 744 lines of code. At this point the computer program locks up. This is one line before "Waituntil run=0" . The program does not give any error messages . It does not break on a particular line of code. It does display all the screens and the window number 2 "win1 is the name" appears to be operating. The main window is the one that locks up. I have gone thru the code and eliminate gosub that could possibley cause a stack error. I have not seen that error code since. Thanks Sapero.

Does anyone have any ideas or will look again at the code.
I will have to send the whole thing.
I just want to find out what is hanging it up. I don't need anyone to debug the whole thing.

Texas Pete