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what about AURORA

Started by azrak, April 29, 2010, 07:25:14 AM

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what about AURORA, no one put anything in the forum .. no one uses aurora or what?   :'(

Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

It is in limbo at this time.
I have contacted the new owner in the past but have not heard from him in over a month.
I have been tinkering with a replacement for Aurora but do not have it working yet.
Would like it to be comparable with old Aurora but not a ripoff.
Problem is that there are so many free C compilers that is is not going to be high priority.



Hi Larry,

The last email you sent me was snagged by my spam filter.  I resurrected it and replied last week, but I suspect you may have missed it or it got attached to the email conversation we were having a few months ago and missed on your end.  I am back in the continental USA for a while so now is a good  time to think about Aurora and it's future remaining at Ionic Wind.
I apologize to the Aurora community at large.  My intention is to keep Aurora alive and hopefully at Ionic Wind.  It is not currently being sold anywhere for the simple reason that my job has prevented me from being able to support it.  I don't want to take peoples money for something that I have not properly documented yet, nor am I able to support it the way it should be.

If anyone needs to get hold of me please use:


John S

thanks for replying here. 
John Siino, Advanced Engineering Services and Software


Thanks for your reply.
Some of us, as I understand, are awaiting eagerly for information regarding the future of Aurora.
Any clarifications you can make regarding your plans for Aurora would be appreciated.


John Syl.

Awaiting eagerly here as well! ;D

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