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Does CBasic support ActiveX and/or COM?

Started by YogiYang, March 30, 2010, 11:09:46 pm

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I am basically a VB expert (sort of  ;) )

I am used to using third party ActiveX a lot and I have got a very large collection of freeware third party ActiveX.

I installed CBasic but could not find a way to add ActiveX controls to it.

So my question is does CBasic have support for ActiveX, Type Libraries and ActiveX DLLs (COM DLLs)?



Sorry, I missed this question. 

Answer is no .. Creative is only a simple 2Mbyte program, and I don't think even EBasic can handle those things.
You can do an awful lot of other things with it though.

So I think you might have to stick with the big boys offerings if you need those facilities.

Try doing a search for those subjects, but I don't think you'll find very much relevant information.

all the best, :)

Tomorrow may be too late ..


I never quite understand - what exactly is ActiveX component?
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Ebasic should be able to support ActiveX/COM Dlls...  here is the link to the user manual pages on the main site :

There used to be a COM subsection on the Ebasic site.

I think Sapero is the guy to talk to , he'll probably know how to do things.....




Thanks Frank .. having read your link, it's something out of my league ..  ::)

Definately nothing like that in Creative - thank goodness ..  ;D

best wishes, :)

Tomorrow may be too late ..


I too wish there was a simpler way for EBASIC to access COM and ActiveX function.  Something like just declare the OCX file and all the commands and events would be available. ;D

That link is out of my league at this time too.