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How to buy

Started by davidmosley, February 22, 2010, 04:15:10 pm

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I just download creative basic and i like it,but i have some ?'s
1: which one is better creative basic or Emergence BASIC?

2: how do you buy creative basic,it said it was free,but it asks me for s code everytime i start it.
When i click on buy now button it takes me to the web site with no place to buy it from,just says it is free????

Thank you
David P Mosley


Larry McCaughn :)
Author of IWB+, Custom Button Designer library, Custom Chart Designer library, Snippet Manager, IWGrid control library, LM_Image control library


Creative Basic and Emergence Basic both have thier own great points. 

EBasic is compiled, CBasic is interpreted, meaning EBasic makes smaller, faster programs.

CBasic has a very easy to use 3D system,  EBasics 3D, while being more advanced, can be confusing.

There are any number of reasons why someone would use one over the other.  Personally, I have been using both of them for different projects for years.