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Which 3d engine to use

Started by plurald, December 20, 2010, 10:32:22 AM

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I am wanting to delve into 3D programming from EBasic.  I could use the imbedded 3D commands Ebasic contains or I can use something else like 3Impact, Open GL, etc.  I have a 3Impact engine that came with a 3D software demo (the bouncing black ball in the uneven terrain) but was wondering if there is any benefit of using it rather than the commands in Ebasic.  And then there are other free software in Open GL, Teragen 2, etc.

Does anyone have an opinion of the benefits of each of those I listed above (and/or others)?



Hi plurald,


Not sure if you are new to programming or 3D programming or neither but,
the built-in 3D engine is a good starting place to get your feet wet.

When you want/need more, then engines like 3Impact will give you physics and network built-in.
There are also on the forum code for Irrlicht and B3D.

These are all good engines, so more often than not it is personal preference for the syntax or a particular feature of one of these that makesa person go for one over another.

I suggest you play with them all but then pick one and learn it and write a whole game with it.
If it turns out to do what you wanted then stick with it.


Blue Steel
Covers many languages including Aurora , IWBasicEbasic (Ebasic, IBasic) , Creative Basic


Thanks to both Guilect and Blue Steel for your input.  I shall do as you suggest. 

And yes, I have 2D programming experience but no 3D.