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General explanation to 3d

Started by yujinwunz, October 22, 2009, 03:36:43 AM

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After finally laying my hands on my special power pack of Emergence Basic ;D ;D ;D ;D I decided to go 3D.

However, I am very, very, VERY lost. ??? ??? VERY. ??? ??? ??? ??? The documentation for 2D was fantastic, and I managed to pick it up in half an hour.(that was like 2 years ago) But the documentation for 3D didn't give me a clear path.

I have no idea! I don't know how camera works, vectors, polygons, anything! ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Does anyone know which way I should go?

Thank you so much



You should have a look at Cbasic's userGuide.
Cbasic's 3D syntax is different from Ebasic's, but from what i remember, the 3D section of the UsersGuide is very well documented.
You will also find various 3d sample codes that we may help convert to Ebasic and i still have many 3d examples from Ibasic std originally posted in the old Forum.

There are also various Aurora 3D examples around.
Hope that helps.

Peter B.


Studying the examples in the 3D samples folder (in the projects folder in the ebasic folder) is how I learned. Here is a link to a program I posted in this forum that shows the basics of setting up screen, camera, lights and a mesh.,2000.0.html