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include files

Started by TexasPete, August 10, 2009, 05:10:16 am

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Are include files precompiled before adding to a program. Or  are the simple text files added all to gather into the final compiled program.

Texas Pete


The contents of the included file are inserted in the source at the point the INCLUDE statement appears.
(ususally at the beginning of the source)



As i know there is no include for Creative only for Emergance Basic.
Creative have components - but this thing is not very clear to me.
It looks like include. ::)
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Creative Basic is an interpreted language, so your source code is not 'compiled' the way EBasic programs are.  The source code is slightly encrypted when it is added to the runtime library (the .exe) to keep curious eyes out, but it is not compiled.  I would expect that components are treated the same way.               


Ok, Guys to sum it up. Include files are standard saved program files that are inserted at the point where the "include" is put your program. They are not pre compiled or prepared in any way. They are inserted and then combined with the run time library.

Thanks a lot everyone . The manual terminology made me think that they were psudeo  compiled already.

Thanks Texas Pete